4 Tucker Street Gympie, QLD 4570

Hours Of Operation

Open from 6:30 AM to 6:15 PM Monday to Friday. We are open 52 weeks of the year.


6 weeks to 15 months


15 months to 2 years

Junior Kindy

2 years to 3 years

Senior kindy

4 years to 5 years

Welcome to Kids Bizz Child Care Centre!

Kids Bizz Early Education Centre has been operating since August 1998 under the ownership of the Waters Family. Managed by our Nominated Supervisor, Heidi Wilbraham, Kids Bizz is a family business which prides itself on supporting the families in our community.

Why Kindergarten is the Best Start?

Kids Bizz operates purely for the benefit of children and families, to meet their needs and to give them a warm, safe and happy environment where children can develop into confident and caring individuals who know that there is always someone who will support them.

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What We Offer

Nursery room
Toddler room
Junior Kids
Senior Kindy
Toileting and self help skills
Kids Bizz

Our Team

Under the guidance of Nominated Supervisor, and Directors, Heidi Wilbraham and Donna Bryant, our fully qualified team are continually working towards the development and learning of new skills to enhance their knowledge and understanding of young children and their development.


What About Admission?

We have an open- door policy where we welcome parents and family participation. Please feel free to come in and spend time with us, or to share any of your ideas with us, we value your input. All parents and families are respected for their individual needs and beliefs.

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